The Association

The Munich European Forum (MEF) is a non-profit association dedicated to the political and academic education of students and young professionals. Since our foundation over 20 years ago, the association has created a large alumni group with members from all walks of life who are active in private organisations, think tanks and political institutions. Our members are graduates and postgraduates from universities around the world.


1994 – Foundation of the Society for the Fostering of the Model United Nations e.V., a non-profit organisation which aimed to simulate various UN committees, offering insight and practical experience to students.

1995 – First simulation held at the Academy for Political Education in Tutzing. Whilst deemed a success, it was felt that a greater emphasis had to be placed on European issues.

1997 – Name changed to Munich European Forum e.V., reflecting a shift towards simulating regional organisations such as the EU, NATO and others committed to improving socio-economic integration and enhancing security.

2001 – First Brussels European Forum, a conference held in Ghent in Belgium dedicated specifically to the pursuit of European values. With its success deemed in bringing students closer to the European institutions and NATO Headquarters, this became the flagship conference of the Munich European Forum.

2003 – Third Brussels European Forum, held for the first time in La Foresta, Vaalbeek in the outskirts of Leuven.

2015 – Celebration of 20th anniversary of the Munich European Forum. Launch of European Blog, a platform for members to publish essays on a wide range of topics of current interest.

2016 – Celebration of [15th] Brussels European Forum

2019 – Celebration of 25th anniversary of the Munich European Forum.