As part of your preparation, you will prepare and submit three written assignments prior to the conference. They are meant to prepare you for drafting various types of documents necessary during a simulation conference (press releases, policy memos, briefs etc.) and will focus on the topics from your committee’s agenda. You will receive feedback on these assignments from your committee chairs, which will guide you throughout the entire preparation period.

The estimate deadlines for submitting the assignments are: February 14, February 24, March 6.

Early Preparations

Your preparation for the conference should begin as soon as you have received your confirmation of participation. First of all, make yourself familiar with the basic details, structure and role of your committee. Have a look at recent decisions and start researching the planned agenda topics. You will find useful documents and information on this site (see below) and you will receive further recommendations from your committee chairs.

Prepare your country position

Collect information regarding the country you will represent during the simulation (official strategies and documents, press releases etc). Compile its objectives, demands and positions on each of the topics on the agenda. Try to answer the following questions: What kind of decisions might be in “my” interest respectively in the interest of “my” country? What might run counter to this (national) interest? Are there any other members of my committee with similar positions? Is there any room for negotiation? In which fields is there room for bargaining? etc. Don’t forget to consider the political orientation of the delegate you will be representing – whether you are acting as a conservative, liberal, socialist or communist will make a major difference in your characters and therefore country’s position.

Prepare an opening statement

All participants should prepare a typed opening statement prior to the conference of approximately 2 – 4 minutes long. These opening remarks should introduce “your” objectives for the conference and key positions without revealing your complete negotiation tactics. You are supposed to present your opening statement during one of the first sessions of your committee.

Rules of procedure

Make yourself familiar with the rules of procedures of your committee which you will receive once you are accepted as participant. Good knowledge of the rules of procedures can give you full control of the committee and its decision-making process – an essential strategic benefit. Don’t forget that you can always ask your committees chairs or the organizers if you need help or advice.

Online Platform

Most of the preparation in the run-up to the conference will be conducted virtually via our Online Platform, in which all members of a conference committee can exchange relevant information on the topics being discussed and get in touch with their chairs. As soon as you have been accepted for the conference, you will receive instructions on how to access the platform.

Dress code

Business attire is strictly required during all sessions, workshops and visits to the institutions in Brussels. This is designed in part to create the atmosphere of a real conference, but in addition as a sign of respect to your fellow participants and the organizers, and a sign of personal professionalism.

Recommended readings & useful links