Brussels European Forum 2019

Beyond Traditional Partnerships – International Cooperation Under A New Global Order

10 – 16 March 2019, European Center La Foresta, Belgium

Applications Are Open

The Brussels European Forum offers students from across the world the chance to bridge the divide between spectator and actor and take an active role in understanding the institutions which help shape our lives. Through simulating the roles of politicians, foreign ministers and world leaders and by meeting decision-makers and experts in Brussels, participants are offered a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge of how the Council of the European Union, NATO and the G-20 operate.

The global challenges that are faced at the beginning of the new decade are both physical and financial and there exists a clear need for institutions to react in order to confront these growing threats. Whilst the focus of the Council of the European Union will focus on EU Foreign Affairs and defence, the G20 will discuss matters of migration and energy and the North Atlantic Council will be split between typical security concerns and emerging, less traditional challenges.

Through the media committee and the Advocacy Group at the conference, a degree of realism to the challenges faced will be added. The unique opportunity that the Brussels European Forum offers is one not to be missed!









You have the chance to:

  • Be part of an international affairs conference with students from all over the world
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how international organisations work
  • Meet policy-makers and experts in Brussels
  • Take over the role of heads of states, ministers, activists and journalists
  • Represent a country or party position in one of three distinct simulation committees or cover the simulation outcomes as a journalist

What do our alumni say?

Foreign Affairs Council

  • Strengthening the Common Foreign & Security Policy
  • Sustainable Development within and Beyond EU’s Borders
  • Tackling Globalization and Foreign Trade

North Atlantic Council

  • Collective Defense and Deterrence
  • Security Inside and at NATO’s Borders
  • Enhancing NATO’s Role in the Fight Against Terrorism

G20 Committee

  • Promoting Energy Transitions and Sustainable Growth
  • Shaping the Future of Trade in the Digital Age
  • Promoting Lifelong Care and Global Health

Media Committee

  • Organize daily press conferences
  • Create a daily newspaper
  • Create a daily news show

Advocacy Group

  • Raise awareness on the impact of the decisions made in the other committees
  • Attend hearings with decision makers
  • Organize daily advocacy events

The Brussels European Forum will take place at the conference facilities of the European Center La Foresta in Vaalbeek. A medieval monastery picturesquely situated in the landscape close to Leuven and Brussels, the Center offers an ideal setting for both the intensive committee work of the forum and the intercultural dialogue between participants from diverse countries.


As part of your preparation, you will prepare and submit three written assignments prior to the conference. They are meant to prepare you for drafting various types of documents necessary during a simulation conference (press releases, policy memos, briefs etc.) and will focus on the topics from your committee’s agenda. You will receive feedback on these assignments from your committee chairs, which will guide you throughout the entire preparation period.

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