Meet our board members

Ștefana Ignea

Ștefana Ignea has been the President of Munich European Forum e.V. since October 2015. She is a PhD candidate at Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, preparing a dissertation on the Europeanization of education in Romania. She holds a Master’s Degree in Management of International Relations and European Policies from the same university. As PhD candidate she taught seminars in “Multilevel Governance in the EU”, “Political Philosophy”, “Information Technology applied to Social Science” and “Concepts and Methodologies in Social Science”. She has worked as Project Manager at Rațiu Center for Democracy, where she was active in youth programmes and in projects aimed at designing means and methods for teaching EU studies in secondary schools in Romania. Her research interest focus on European citizenship, education and youth participation. She has been a member of MEF since 2011.

Peter Hammer

Peter Hammer is the Vice President of Munich European Forum e.V. and served the association before as Secretary from October 2012 till 2015. Currently, he is a MA student in International Relations and Global Political Economy at Technical University Dresden, Germany. His fields of expertise include European Integration and international trade issues with a focus on free trade agreements. As a freelancer at the Centre for Applied Policy Research at LMU Munich, he teaches simulation games on the regional and European politics level as well as workshops on economic ethics. Furthermore he gained professional experience working for the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin and the Federal Ministry for Economics and Energy. He has been a member of MEF since 2012.

Marian Fritz

Marian is treasurer of the Munich European Forum. Currently he is doing his Bachelor’s in political science at LMU Munich on media influence on politics in the Syrian civil war. Simultaneously his is gaining his diploma as a teacher for public schools. He gained working experience at Allianz Deutschland as a working student and is a contributor to the European blog with the focus on international relations and international security. He is a member of the association since 2014.

Magdalena Bäuml

Magdalena Bäuml is the Secretary of the Munich European Forum. She has first come into the association as an intern in Conference Management and has in further conferences chaired the Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union. She holds a Master degree in Political Sciences from the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich with her thesis focussing on the question of the concept of solidarity in the European Union. Her current profession lies in program management in a children’s charity organization in Munich. She is managing a support program for teenagers in Germany who are socially engaged with society fighting children’s poverty. One other field of Magdalena’s interest is international development aid.

Björn Boening

Björn Boening serves the association as an Assessor since 2012. After graduating from the Hertie School of Governance with a Master’s degree in Public Policy, he currently works at the Federal Academy for Security Policy as Press Officer. In his degree he specialised in quantitative policy analysis with advanced courses in statistics and programming. Beforehand he read political science and law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University. Björn worked for several start-ups, the Munich Security Conference, Allianz SE, the World Bank, and the Hertie School. He is first lieutenant of the German Air Force and reservist at the Air Transport Wing Squadron 62. His first BEF-experience was in the role of the French ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy in the G20-committee back in 2012.

Kenneth Wallace-Müller

Kenneth Wallace-Müller is an Assessor for the Munich European Forum since October 2015 and has been on the Brussels European Forum Organisational Committee since mid-2014. He is currently completing his degrees in English law, Austrian law and business having completed his studies in Biological Sciences in 2010, where he specialised in Genetics. He is a trainee solicitor (lawyer in English & Wales) working in the energy and infrastructure sector and expects to qualify in 2018/19. He has an interest in European and comparative law, as well as geopolitics, international relations, as well as in scientific and technological developments. He has been a member of MEF since 2014.

Fridolin Firsching

Fridolin is an assessor of the Munich European Forum since 2016. He is currently in his final months of Bachelor’s degree in political science and communication at the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, specializing on the financing of international organizations. He has also studied business administration and worked in controlling. Currently he is employed as a working student at the Ifo Institute for Economic Research.  Furthermore, he gained transatlantic experience in 2016 as an intern at the Stover Center for Constitutional Studies and Moral Leadership near Pittsburgh. His research interest are europeanization, international relations and diplomacy. He has been a member of MEF since 2015.

Philipp Mehl

Philipp Mehl is an assessor for the Munich European Forum e.V. since mid 2016. He has been with the association since 2015, mainly active in the media committee. Philipp is an LL.M. candidate at the European Institute in Saarbrücken, specializing in European Economic Law and Human Rights Law. He finished his BA in Political Science and Law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. He is currently employed as Head of Marketing at a Beverage Company and has worked as Public Relations Manager and journalist before.
He is interested in topics like digital warfare, lawmaking in the digital age, intellectual property and new media in general.

Ionuț Șutea

Ionuț Șutea has been an assessor for the Munich European Forum e.V. since 2016. He is currently in his final months of Bachelor’s degree in Security Studies at Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. He first participated in the conference in 2015 assuming the role of Turkey’s Defense Minister in the NAC. Afterwards he returned as co-Chairman of the Media Committee in 2016. He wrote for several domestic magazines on foreign policy and security issues and is also a member of the Center for Balkan Strategies. Later on he founded his own platform for strategic research and forecasting, named Transylvania Intelligence. He specializes in Intelligence analysis and security solutions and focuses on Turkish and Middle Eastern affairs. In this regard he also conducted field research through his Erasmus semester spent in Ankara, Turkey.

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