The BEF 2016 was a great experience, that will escort my whole life. BEF is not only a simulation of a political institution. By connecting several committees, including political institutions as well as media and activists, it generates an extremely complex and challenging environment. During the week we were always confronted with new problems or critical situations, created by reality, staff or other participants.
What I appreciated most about BEF was the feeling, to be part of a big family. I get connected with people from all over the world and get to know some very good friends

Jan-Phillip, Germany

I never thought that within the span of a week, my perspective on the world and my role within it could change so drastically. BEF is a unique and incredibly special place where passionate, bright people converge and explore the very real challenges that affect the world.

I was amazed at the creativity and depth of knowledge participants came to the table with. After my BEF experience, I feel more confident in my own capabilities, excited for my future career, and connected to a wonderful network of politically active peers. BEF has my humblest respect and deepest thanks.

Katie, USA

My experience at Brussels European Forum was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The fact that I met people from all over the world was great because I learned a lot of things about culture, traditions, food and many different ways of life. Besides the personal benefits, I learned how a real debate works in NAC.

Those days I learned how to debate and how to argue my point of view, and also my English level improved.

Thank you for making this possible and I look forward to doing it again.

Florentina, Romania

I learnt so much more in one week than in my first year of master studies. Not only on the topics that were dealt with, or on the negotiation process. I also learnt about myself, my capabilities, my interests, and it made me realize I should not give up on a potential diplomatic career.

It is incredible what a group of young, very diverse, yet united people (European millennials!) can achieve.

The Brussels European Forum is the perfect combination of fun, expertise coming from the MEF team, diversity of cultures and backgrounds, and seriousness in tackling the biggest stakes of the decade.

Unfortunately I cannot attend the forum again next year, but I will be a BEF ambassador for sure !

Fiona, France

Brussels European Forum 2016 is, indisputably, a life-changing, indelible and enriching one. Casting back my mind, the week spent at La Foresta superseded my daily routine with a newly acquired identity, enabling me to embody a highly respected political figure, a genuine diplomat whose credentials and responsibilities I eagerly embraced.

The simulations were intensive, proactive and particularly engaging, generating the propitious environment for garnering knowledge, honing skills and building sincere friendships. With hindsight, I would definitely partake future suchlike ambitious projects, the prospective BEF 2017 edition being already a highlight of my agenda. 

Stefania, Romania

The BEF experience  was the best thing that happened to me this year. It was a pleasure to work with people so dedicated and professional in what they do, to negotiate on issues that, at a broader level, can affect the European framework and to learn a lot of information regarding the current global challenges.

 Everything that happened in La Foresta was absolutely amazing and, even after all this time, I can not take the thought of the hours spent in an attempt to reach an agreement with the other participants, at times when I emotionally involved in passionate discussions or at the wonderful people I met there. I can say that the experience changed me a lot both personally and professionally. I look forward to return the next year.

Bianca V, Romania

My BEF journey started after I decided to join this event, although I didn’t know how difficult it was going to be. At  first I found it challenging to negotiate on some things and to sustain my point of view in front of an audience, but after two or three days spent in La Foresta next to the best team and colleagues from all over the world I felt like maybe I belong here, I wanted to do my best, to express myself, to communicate as much as I could and to never leave that place. What I think made the journey realistic was the study trip to NATO’s Headquarters and to the European Commission.

Cristina, Romania

BEF was for sure a life lived during my own life. During one week I had giving nutrients to a new shape of my holistic being. I have been at a key point in my life when I decided to apply for BEF. I studied International Politics before and now I am in second year at Medical School. Coming back to my “old-passion” for world politics, and this time so close to the disaster and terror that is happening, I did understand that I can make a change if I pursue the path I decided to take. The current world crisis that we held discussions and negotiations upon made me understand that there is no time to lose and that I can make a tremendous change. I don’t have any foreboding to say that BEF for me was a source of reinforcement, re-encouragement, an inspiration. I met people with whom I shared common perception; I met beautiful souls that care as much as I do.

Lidia, Moldova

Regarding my BEF experience, first of all I would like to express my gratitude for giving me the chance to participate at this event. l made friends, learned about other cultures and at the same time experienced integration in a multinational community, consensus and compromise, skills so needed when reaching to an agreement during negotiations. Post BEF, l feel that I widened my horizons, l am more opened to hear and tackle on others opinions or points of view, l am more patient and most important academically I enriched my knowledge about Political Science and International Relations. Thank you again for giving me the extraordinary opportunity to see such a beautiful country as Belgium, a beautiful place as La Foresta and to learn so much from this experience.

Delinke, Romania

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