Munich European Forum

Founded 29 years ago, Munich European Forum is a non-profit association dedicated to the political and academic education of students and young professionals from all over the world

Role-play global scenarios & events

  • Step in the shoes of a politician and negotiate international agreements
  • Master the decision-making process and shape the policies of tomorrow

Analyses of current events

  • Collect and fact-check news on political, economical, and social events
  • Hone your writing skills and publish articles and analyses of current events

Capacity building and networking

  • Develop skills and competencies in an expanding and multicultural organisation
  • Adhere to a global network of members active in private organisations, think tanks, and political institutions


Foundation of the Society for the Fostering of the Model United Nations e.V., a non-profit organisation simulating the works of various UN committees.


First simulation held at the Academy for Political Education in Tutzing (Germany).


Shift towards simulating regional organisations such as the EU and NATO. Name changed to Munich European Forum e.V.



First Brussels European Forum held in Ghent (Belgium). This event became the flagship conference of the MEF.


3rd edition of Brussels European Forum, held for the first time at the European Centre La Foresta in Leuven (Belgium).



9th edition of Brussels European Forum, introducing the simulation of the G20 Leaders’ Summit, one of the first such simulations in the world.



Launch of the European Blog, a platform for members to publish essays on a wide range of topics of current interest.


25th anniversary of the Munich European Forum and 18th edition of Brussels European Forum.


The Brussels European Forum 2019 was awarded the Altiero Spinelli Prize for Outreach by the European Comission.

Who we are

The Munich European Forum (MEF) is a non-profit association dedicated to the political and academic education of students and young professionals. Since our foundation 29 years ago, the association has created a large network of members and alumni from all walks of life who are active in private organisations, think tanks and political institutions.

Established in Munich in 1994, our bedrock of values – cooperation, tolerance, inclusiveness – cemented the trust between members and provided excellent opportunities for networking.

The Brussels European Forum

By bringing together students and young professionals from all around the world, our conference promotes international understanding and offers a unique networking opportunity.

A week full of negotiations and debates on current political issues gives our participants a deep understanding of international decision-making processes within the EU, G-20 and NATO. The presence of an advocacy group and of a media team bring an additional sense of realism and accountability.

The program includes a visit to the NATO Headquarters and EU institutions in Brussels, where our participants attend briefings with experts and decision makers there.

By combining simulation sessions with reality checks, we offer a unique and rewarding learning experience.

Our experienced staff and the Academic Council of the association guarantee a high-quality and realistic conference, as well as a great learning experience, whether you are a student or in the early stages of your career.

The European Blog

This project is meant to give a stage for participants and alumni of Brussels European Forum, as well as for the members of our association to discuss current topics in international politics.

Each month on the fifteenth day we publish a new article under the “Monthly mind” section that aims to capture the latest global trends and look beyond the surface, all while making highly political or scientific topics more easily accessible to people interested in them.

Since its launch in 2015, the European Blog has published over 30 essays and analyses on topics as European politics, economy, security, elections and others.

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Brussels European Forum

calendar_today February 26 - March 4, 2023

Brussels European Forum

calendar_today February 26 - March 4, 2023

Our partners & sponsors

Our activities are only possible with the support of our trusted partners and sponsors.
This year our special thanks go to everyone who believed in us and our mission.

20th Brussels European Forum

calendar_today February 26 - March 4, 2023

20th Brussels European Forum

calendar_today February 26 - March 4, 2023

BEF is a week-long international conference providing students and young professionals such as yourself with a complex overview of the international decision making process, while at the same time offering an immersive learning experience to our participants.

By simulating the roles of world leaders, journalists and advocates you benefit from a unique opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the intricate workings of the Council of the European Union, NATO and the G-20. We put you face to face with decision-makers and experts in Brussels and give you the floor to ask your questions.

Join us now and experience what it’s like to be part of the global decision making process.

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Meet our Board Members

Our members include graduates and postgraduates from universities all over Europe and across the world. By bringing together the combined experiences of members active in private organisations, think tanks and political institutions, the Munich European Forum offers an excellent network for the decision-makers of tomorrow.
Verena Beck

Verena Beck


Verena Beck has been the President of the Munich European Forum since 2021. In 2018, she was a participant at the Brussels European Forum for the first time and immediately joined the association. During the three following simulation conferences, the BEF and the VEF, she was chair of the North Atlantic Council Committee.

Verena studied at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich, Germany and at UC Santa Barbara, California, USA. She holds degrees in communications, law and political science.

Her professional experience includes working in corporate communications, most recently as a speechwriter for board members of a DAX company. She currently works as an editor for a German automotive group. In her free time, Verena enjoys playing tennis, hiking and running, as well as playing the piano.

Veli Uygar Özener

Veli Uygar Özener


Vice-President of the Munich European Forum Since 2021, Veli Uygar Özener first attended the BEF in 2019 where he represented the UK in the NAC, joining the association in the same year, Veli Uygar served as the North Atlantic Committee Chair in VEF and BEF.

Previously studying in Politics and International Relations in University of Manchester, Veli Uygar is currently a student in Charles University’s Politics,Philosophy and Economics programme. Alongside his studies, Veli Uygar has completed internships in International Organisations and Government Bodies, and he is currently working in the Security Sector.

In his free time, Veli Uygar enjoys music production, videogames, bowling and traveling

Victoria Haberler

Victoria Haberler


Victoria Haberler has assumed the role of Treasurer in 2021.

Initially she applied for the BEF 2020, but after its cancellation decided to take part in the first ever Virtual European Forum (VEF) that same year.
Following her participation, she joined the association in 2021 and chaired the North Atlantic Council in the second VEF.

Currently she is pursuing her master’s degree in Political Science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany, after receiving her bachelor’s degree in this field at the same university. The main focus of her studies lies on political theory and international relations.

Victoria’s personal interests encompass reading all sorts of books and spending a lot of time outside with the horses.

Anika Welter

Anika Welter


Anika Welter has been the Secretary of the Munich European Forum since 2021.

She joined the association in 2017, right after participating in the Brussels European Forum for the first time that year. During the two ensuing BEFs she chaired the G20 Committee. Between 2019 and 2021 she assumed the role of President of the Munich European Forum.

She is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Political Science at the Ludwig-Maximilians- University in Munich, Germany. In her thesis she focuses on Private Environmental Governance. Previously she graduated from a Bachelors’ program in the same field of study, focusing on voting behaviors in two round electoral systems. Her main areas of interest are the intersection of politics, economics and society.

Joao Lucas Hilgert

Joao Lucas Hilgert

Chief Technology Officer / Assessor

Joao Lucas Hilgert has been the Chief Technology Officer of the Munich European Forum since 2021.

He joined the association in 2017, after participating in the Brussels European Forum for the first time that year. During the two ensuing BEFs, he chaired the Global Media Committee and the North Atlantic Council. Between 2019 and 2021 he assumed the role of Treasurer of the Munich European Forum.

He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in ‘Politics and Technology’ at the Technical University of Munich in Germany. Previously, he studied business management and received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich, Germany.

He has previously worked as Business Development Manager in the technology sector, as Market Analyst for a consulting company and is currently Managing Partner for a startup in the advertisement business. Joao hopes to follow a career in academia in Political and Computer Science. He is particularly interested in the intersection between politics and technology.

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